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Camperlio is a site dedicated to finding the best Resources for your RV. At, the goal is to ensure that you keep up with the times when it comes to travel with your rig. We (Eric & Ashley) recommend and review some of the items from our everyday essential.

Whether you are looking for Buyer Guide, Membership Information, RV Rental, tailored camping discounts, and anything else you have in mind related to RV, you can find it here. Making your RV life easy & smooth is our main concern. We save your time and ensure that you get value for your money.

About Us

We are a couple of travel enthusiasts and living an RV life for a good amount of time. Like many, traveling is fun for us and we love to spend our leisure somewhere far from the city. Needless to say, it helps us throw away the conventional routine of our daily life. 

Talking about our journey, we got rid of the traditional lifestyle back in 2019 and started touring the world getting into an RV and never looked back. As we traveled, we managed to heal our hearts, but we have gathered many experiences, too.

Following the process, we have understood how to make a perfect journey in a motorhome and decided to make “Camperlio” an ultimate goldmine on this.

As you can see, the trend of touring in an RV has increased recently. And, remarkably, people are keen to know the nitty-gritty of it. 

You might already know this, “the years teach much which the days never know.” Yes, previous knowledge saves money and hassle to make anything more relaxing.

So, if you want the best bang for your time and riches, you can always visit our website. You can see me (Eric) and Ashley (my wife) sharing all those “how-to” blogs, buying guides, membership information, and tailored camping discounts to find the resources you need at your fingertips.

Our Mission

“We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.” —Joseph Campbell

Who else wants the monotony of urban lifestyles? There are lots of distractions, ups, and downs when you want to enjoy our life at its fullest. But life is too short to regret later. And that’s why we have decided to follow our hearts, travel the world and unveil the beauty of nature.

But nobody can deny the fact that the joy of traveling may disappear if they don’t follow or get to know the right track. There are tons of things a traveler needs to consider as he/she starts the journey.

Yes, there is fun traveling in a Trailer but you will face unlikely situations as well. Knowing from the veteran will help you lessen those implausible moments and boredom significantly.

And that’s our core mission here. In “Camperlio”  we would like to present and share the entire scenario of leading a nomadic van life so that you can benefit from every second of it!

In This Site We will discuss About

  • Rv
  • Rv Rental Review
  • Van life
  • Camping
  • Campground review
  • Membership Review
  • RV Hacks
  • Maintenance Tips

Why “Camperlio”

Coming to our blog, you might wonder why we name the site “Camperlio”. So let’s talk a little bit about this.

The Italian word “Leo” refers to someone who is an expert in any subject. And you already know the meaning of the word “Camper”.

But don’t get me wrong. Me, Eric and my wife Ashley don’t claim to be experts who know everything regarding the nomadic life. That’s quite a challenge. Yet we have experienced RV travel for considerable times, and quite simply we can offer a lot on the subject.

And, the goal of our blog is to walk you through everything about enjoying a van life you have wished for a long time. So, for the sake of it, we call this “Camperlio”.

Our Story

We have been married for two and a half years now. Since then, both of us used to have 9 to 5 jobs.

As days passed, we realized that we don’t have enough time for each other anymore. The hustle and bustle of corporate life were coming in our love regularly.

Yes, we went for occasional time passes in places. But that wasn’t the life we desired. After one year of struggle, we met a couple who were enjoying their life at their best.

We met them back in the summer in 2019, when we were on a two-day vacation near a lake. It was quite distant from the city. The couple were in their mid-thirties and leading a very pleasant life.

As we talked we came to know that they were in the same situation as us. A traditional 9-5 job, occasional outings, and family gatherings. That’s all, nothing better than a robotic life. Eventually, they decided to change their lifestyle and spend the rest of their life traveling as much as they can.

The story motivated us to a great extent as we were going through the same crisis. Coming back to the home, our head was lodged with the story of the couple we met there.

From then we started to think about this and seriously shared the inner feelings. And after a long conversation, we came to the point that we will prepare our backpacks and go for a long trip for an unspecified time. We decided to give a try and depending on how things proceed we could conclude later. 

That was the beginning, we haven’t stopped our traveling yet, and to be honest, we are enjoying every bit of it to date!

And that’s our story and we don’t regret our decision for a single moment. Now we can get a lot closer to each other and fall asleep with the stars!

Who We Are

I, Eric, and my beautiful wife Ashley solely run this blog. We are delighted that you want to know about us. 

Eric Weldon

Eric Weldon

From the school days, I loved to play with numbers. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree major in Accounting from Michigan University.

Right after completing graduation, I joined DHL as a finance executive. I worked there for a year and then left the job to study a full-time MBA at Louisiana University. While doing my graduation, I worked as a camping instructor for one and a half years too.

At Camperlio, I look after the overall RV administration. I am also in charge of preparing the long and short term plans, the budget along with publishing the technical stuff to make the blog go a long way. 

Now let’s share some fun facts about me. I was callous about serious matters from the school days. And my mom used to call me the knucklehead for that!

Another interesting thing is that I wasn’t even in the top three for the first four semesters in the university. But at the time I completed my graduation, I obtained the highest cumulative marks in eight semesters in the department that came as a surprise to me.

However, days have passed, I am not the corporate finance guy anymore. Instead, you can call me a successful travel nomad now.

Ashley Weldon

Ashley weldon

Ashley studied at the University Of Louisiana, majoring in Development studies. She loved teaching from childhood and for that joined as a teacher in a high school in Louisiana.

He worked there for two years and earned a huge reputation because of his unique teaching style.  He was promoted to a senior position after just one year of teaching in the school.

At Camperlio, she is in charge of content creation, editing, and publishing them in the blog. A little number of contents which she doesn’t write also get published after she edited them to her satisfaction.

As Ashley has a good hand on designing, she looks after the overall design sections at Camperleo too. 

Now let’s share a fun fact about her. Ashley is the youngest among her four siblings. But interestingly, she had the authority among all her siblings because of her distinctive organized nature. 

She always dreamt of a nice urban life before getting married. But it was after marriage, the obstacles that changed her perception. Like me, she took the path towards becoming a traveler. But, she indeed believed herself as an accidental nomad.

Connect With Us

Though we possess decent experience of traveling on an RV, we are always open to learning new things. And we love it when someone from our readers shares their experience, feedback, or confusion about anything related to RV and traveling.

You can also fill in the Newsletter form and get a notification every time we publish an article in Camperlio. You can also contact us & follow us on social media to see the staff we share on those platforms. We love it when our well-wishers stay connected with us.