Can You Use Galvanized Pipe For Propane? (Find Out More!)

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It has been almost a decade since I have been living in the house built by my father. This house stands as a symbol of the legacy that he has built throughout his lifetime. Standing in the garden in front of the house that has been passed down to me now, I realized that it needed a bit of renovation. I decided it would be best to renovate the hard stuff first – the pipes in the house.

Built before the 1960s, the house was equipped with galvanized pipes for gas transportation. Now that sprouted a question in my mind. Can you use galvanized pipe for propaneThe answer is yes. Galvanized Pipes are generally used in houses that have been built before the 1960s. But you should learn before settling on the answer. These pipes impose a huge risk on the health of people. As a result, many state laws ban the use of galvanized pipes.

This put me in a lot of confusion as I did not want to completely change my father’s house. But if you find yourself in a similar confusion as me, this article might just be the one for you!

Can You Use Galvanized Pipe For Propane Gas Line?

You can use galvanized pipes for propane. But it all depends on the state you live in. Certain areas make it illegal to incorporate exciting gas pipes. This is due to the risk of zinc plating breaking off into the gas stream and blocking the openings.

You can either use copper pipes or open up dim iron if you have outstanding soil drainage. Accepting you have lamentable soil leakage, use simply copper. Expecting you to use wrapped dim iron, the tape will at last permit sogginess to creep between the tape and the line and will trap that moistness against the line. This rates up rusting.

Notwithstanding, in numerous US states, energized lines can be used for propane. Regardless, contract holders really should know their close-by codes. Because of likely issues with the zinc covering of stirred pipes, a couple of states have limited the usage of zaps diverting for gas lines. You should ponder extra sensible and trustworthy different choices.

What Are Galvanized Pipes?

Galvanized Pipe For Propane Gas Line

For the vast majority of the cutting-edge time, lead pipes were utilized while building plumbing frameworks (indeed, in any event, for drinking water). Fortunately, we ultimately understood that lead pipes are a goliath public security danger. Lead pipes were out, we really wanted another material. Iron and steel were totally great other options, except for one little obstacle: iron and steel rust after some time.

Enter galvanization. By covering iron and steel in a defensive layer of zinc, pipes had a support zone against the components. Beginning around 1960, these exciting lines turned into a staple in homes from one side of the planet to the other. Sadly, it was precisely from an ideal arrangement, as you’ll before long learn.

As time went on, obviously there were a few issues with galvanized pipes. While a newly introduced organization of stirred steel plumbing regularly works easily, following 30 or 40 years, a couple of issues can spring up to a great extent.

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For What Reason is Galvanized Piping Banned in Some States?

pipes erode

Handymen and developers utilized these sorts of water pipes in Portland-region homes worked before the 1960s. As aroused pipes age, the zinc covering disintegrates and pipes erode. Lead, a perilous poison might fabricate when the lines consume. As it enters your pipes, you could be ingesting the lead.

Galvanized water could represent a risky well-being danger on the off chance that not supplanted with refreshed, more secure lines. Notwithstanding medical problems, the future of exciting plumbing is about 40 years, longer if very much kept up with administrations. That is the reason some state regulations unequivocally boycott the use of stirred pipes to safeguard its resident.

The Pros and Cons of Using Galvanized Pipes

Right when zaps pipes were first used, they were inclined because they were less excessive than copper. These sorts of lines are still regularly picked in colossal advancement projects and for outside plumbing. Energized pipes stay more reasonable than copper and are more intense than plastic. Another benefit of energized pipes is that they have a greater width to allow more water through when diverged from copper. And so, here is a list of pros and cons of galvanized pipes:-

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Advantages of galvanized pipe

1. Antirust

By giving an extra layer, rust ought to go through expecting rust is contaminated. The iron in steel answers with oxygen and water and successfully points to rust, which prompts the disintegrating of the article. With zinc covering, these parts are less disposed to cause this reaction.

2. Lower the price

The interesting framework is ordinarily more affordable than other notable line security procedures. This is because various procedures for the most part require a lot of work, while mixing requires less genuine work. At the same time, the help life of blended steel pipe is moreover very extended. It will in general be used for the north of 50 years in various rural locales and for more than 25 years in genuinely uncovered metropolitan and ocean side circumstances. Appropriately, support costs are lower.

3. Easy to check

The evaluation pattern of the excited pipe is direct and clear. Invigorated coatings can be obviously investigated, and their thickness can be had a go at using an essential non-destructive testing procedure.

Disadvantages of galvanized pipe

1. Internal corrosion

Though the zinc check-in energized pipes prevent rusting for a surprisingly long time, it, in the end, requires long speculation. Right when this happens, the line begins to consume from the back to front, which can, at last, provoke a break or line burst.

2. Water pollution

Right when mixed pipes begin to drink, damaging materials and lead from uncovered metals could soak your water supply. Right when this happens, these minerals start to approach plaques that cover inside the lines. After some time, that fix begins to confine the movement of water in your home, and the water could as a matter of fact change its tone.

Will Natural Gas Corrode Galvanized Pipe?

The utilization of galvanized pipe today conveys no genuine danger. Contingent upon how well the dirt channels (whether it is wet), water pipes will consume quicker (among different elements). Gas pipes are not generally welded with galvanized steel and production line-covered steel should likewise be utilized in regions with underground pipes.

Nonetheless, in metal pipes utilized for gas capacity, zinc covering is set to forestall water interruption. consumes effectively from the outset, you’ll in any case need to sit tight some time for it to erode now and again.

What Are The Differences Between Black Pipe & Galvanized Pipe?

Differences Between Black Pipe Galvanized Pipe

Homes need gas and water to easily run. Gas gives intensity and fire to prepare food and we can’t survive without water. Pipes are accustomed to conveying these fundamental materials into homes, structures, and other development activities to pass or convey gas and water to supply their requirements. Two of the most generally utilized pipes are black pipe and galvanized pipe. If you do not know the differences between black and galvanized pipes, here is a table below:


Black pipe

Galvanized pipe

Sprinkler Systems




Less durable

More durable

For use with water



For use with gas



Made of steel



Used for gas lines



Used for water lines






Zinc coating




Doesn’t corrode easily

Corrodes easily

Can I mix galvanized and black pipe when plumbing?

Galvanized pipe is either normally discouraged or expressly denied. I would agree, there is the opportunity of pieces of the galvanized pipe breaking off and heading out downstream to foul a gas valve or burner. 

There have similarly been circumstances where galvanized pipe fittings were permitted at this point straight pipe should be black. It’s according to the rules and rules of the state you live in.

However, it is significantly deflected to mix galvanized and black iron clearly. Whether or not it’s allowed, you shouldn’t do it as that paces up disintegration. You’d have to use a dielectric fitting. 

How Can You Mix a Black Pipe With a Galvanized Pipe?

Water and gas anticipate that pipes should supply private homes and associations. Gas supplies ability to stoves, water radiators, warmers, and various contraptions. Water is crucial and undeniable. The two most typical kinds of steel pipe used to convey water and gas are black pipe and galvanized pipe. 

Black pipe and galvanized pipe are comparative materials with only one differentiation: galvanized pipe is covered with zinc to hold the secret steel back from consumption. To mix these two together, follow below:

Tools You Will Require To Mix Galvanized And Black Pipe

You will need the following tools to mix a black pipe with galvanized pipe:

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Step by Step Process To Mix Galvanized Pipe With Black Pipe

You might ask yourself, “can you mix galvanized and black pipe?”. The answer is yes. Here’s how:

  1. Take a wire and continuously brush the strings of the black pipe totally to kill any utilization and rust. 
  2. Apply a little penetrating oil to the strings if you won’t use the pipe immediately. 
  3. Water or dampness can roll out rust improvement rapidly.
  4. Wrap the strings of the black pipe with Teflon tape
  5. Apply the tape around the strings until it is a thickness of a couple of layers of tape. 
  6. The tape should crease over clockwise in case you are looking at around the completion of the pipe.
  7. Screw the black pipe into the galvanized pipe until it is hand-tight. 
  8. Put a pipe wrench on the black pipe and turn the pipe clockwise until tight.
  9. Partner some other piping together likewise.

Black pipe is more affordable than galvanized pipe since it misses the mark on zinc covering. On the off chance that the galvanized pipe isn’t needed for your framework, stay with the black pipe to set aside cash.

Best Piping to Use for Propane Gas Line

The most well-known and best gas funneling is black steel. Galvanized steel, copper, metal, or Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing likewise can be utilized in a certain region, however, a few utilities explicitly disallow the utilization of copper. In different regions, the utilization of copper is boundless.

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Propane Gas Pipe Sizing Chart

Now you might ask yourself, what size is the black pipe for propane? You can look below to find the best size for your pipe:

The capacity of pipe (MBH)
Pipe size (In)Pipe Length (ft)
1 1/419001305900620440300
1 1/2285019601345925660450
2 1/2874060104130284020201390

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use galvanized pipe for gas?

Never use galvanized pipes for gaseous petrol. This is because the pipe will flake off over time.

2. What material is normally utilized for gas channeling in the house?

Black pipe is commonly used for gas channeling in-house.

3. What type of pipe is used for propane?

Polyethylene plastic or copper tubing is used best for propane.

4. Could you at any point blend galvanized and black pipe for gas?

You can definitely blend and mix galvanized and black pipes for gas.

5. Might you at any point utilize black pipe with propane?

Black pipe is best used for propane instead of galvanized pipe.

6. What size pipe do I want for propane?

The size chart in this article will best describe the size that is fit for propane.

Final Verdict

After a big heated debate with myself, I finally decided to use a black iron pipe for the house. It did hurt me to change the system, but considering the health of my kids, I had to choose the latter. Galvanized pipes are highly prone to flaking and cause a tremendous health hazard. It felt too big of a risk to keep it functioning in the house.

And so I decided to use the black iron pipe. Even if you are clear with the question, “can you use galvanized pipe for propane?”, you must consider many factors such as state regulations. Taking into account all these, it is wise to choose the best option out there. Hope this article has come in help to you. Good luck!

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