Good Sam Roadside Assistance Review – Better Or Worse?

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All of the RVers and campers out there have a weeks-long plan to hit the road all around the year. But once you get to make it, one little flat tire or broken brake system might break the whole thing up. If it’s in the middle of nowhere, things are even worse. 

To restore the fun back, we’ve got a handy roadside assistance service named Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Heard of it or not, it’s one of the best services that can save your day during an RV trip. Hence, we’ll get to cover it up completely with this review of Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Review: What's Covered?

In a nutshell- Good Sam Roadside Assistance service covers all the essentials and goes some extra miles as well. In fact, families that have multiple members and vehicles can find this service just the right one for covering their roadside safety up. 

So, what’s in there when we talk about coverage? We’ll go into the details shortly, but here is a sneak peek for now:

A Wide Geographic Coverage

This is what makes this roadside assistance service quite different and unique from its competitors. This service that they offer, is applicable across wide geographical borders across the USA. It can cover remote locations like virgin islands, Alaskan wilderness, and so on. Also, it works fine for out-of-USA locations like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska, etc.

Coverage for All of Your Family Members

No matter whether you and your family travel a lot or not, the Roadside Assistance service from Good Sam will be there for all of you. In case you leave your family and loved ones behind, they will be taken care of by the news of your mishap (let’s hope not). 

Unlimited Distance Towing Coverage

What on earth do they mean by ‘Unlimited distance towing coverage?’. Well, while most other roadside assistance services are specifically within a certain distance when it’s about towing your un-drivable car, this service isn’t. They won’t charge for extra miles and simply tow your vehicle back to the nearest service center across the USA and Canada. If you want, they can get a driver to get your RV or vehicle back to your garage as well.

A detailed description of each service they offer

By far, you might have known that Good Sam Roadside Assistance is a membership-based service, where the perks come in several tiers. The higher you climb through the membership ladder, the more the benefits are. 

The frontline coverage of the service is basically for your automotive vehicle. And most of the automotive-like RVs, cars, trucks, trailers, 5th wheels, SUVs, etc lie under their eligibility for this service. 

Keeping the membership hierarchy and vehicle diversity aside, we’ll talk about each of the major services that this roadside assistance covers. 

1. Coverage for A Wide Variety of Vehicles

Just from the idea that Good Sam has a number of services for RVers and campers, don’t get the wrong idea that they offer their roadside assistance for RVs only. 

In fact, Good Sam Roadside Assistance covers a wide variety of vehicles. Here is a list of recreational and non-recreational vehicles that they cover.

                  Recreational Vehicles

                    Non-recreational Vehicles

Toy haulers

Travel trailers

Camping trailers (pop-up)






Boat trailers

However, not all kinds of vehicles are within their coverage. So, it’s better if you consult with them before you pay for their roadside assistance service. If it’s something like boating, kayaking, or something not-so-popular among campers and travelers, giving them a knock would be great.

2. Flat Tire Repairing Service

If you’re an auto mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, then a flat tire problem might seem to be an actionable solution to you. But for most of the RVers, that’s not within their league. 

That’s where the flat tire repair service under the Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Once you get into such a situation, a team from Good Sam will be dispatched and will be at the rescue with one or two extra tires for your vehicle. 

What they will do from that point is- they will either help you fix the flat tire, or replace that with an entirely new one. Basically, they will ensure that you can move once again safely. 

Compared to a number of other roadside assistance services, they are quite different on this ground. While you need to spend on the spare tire in such situations, Good Sam will take care of that too on their own. All you need to do is to be a credible member of their Roadside Assistance service.

3. Towing Your Vehicle

Say it or not- the most demanding service roadside is towing the un-drivable vehicle back to the garage. Also, when you don’t feel safe enough to be driven, that’s where you’d need this service. 

And Good Sam had brought it up for you, once you’re a registered member to their Roadside Assistance service. They will either take it to the nearest auto service center or take it to your preferred one for some additional cost. 

The core difference with their towing service and ounces from other companies is- there is no distance limitation of towing your vehicle where others count it in terms of miles.

4. It Covers Your Whole Family

It’s quite nice of the company that they think not only about your safety, but also the safety of your family and loved ones as well. And under their roadside assistance service, it’s no different. 

Good Sam roadside assistance is not only about saving your bad vehicle or yourself, it also takes care of your loved ones, i.e. wife, partner, spouse, children. Even if you leave the kids at home, they will be safeguarding them as well. 

5. Regional Coverage

While you are roaming around a city, it might not feel so important. But when you’re in the remote wilderness of Alaska and end up in a troubled situation, that’s where the regional coverage of Good Sam roadside assistance service strikes in.

So, how widespread is their coverage area? Well, it’s not only limited to North American areas in the first place. They have got you covered even in remote areas like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Isn’t that wonderful?

Membership Plans

The roadside assistance service from Good Sam comes in four packages- the RV + Auto Standard, the RV + Auto Platinum, and the Platinum Complete. These packages are quite unique to each other in terms of coverage. But there are some common perks that all three of these packages cover. 

Here is a quick comparison of all of these Good Sam Roadside Assistance membership packages that they offer-




Platinum Complete

Travel Trailers, Autos, Motorcycles, and Boat Trailers




Coverage for Spouse and Dependent Children




Dispatch of RV Mobile Mechanic




Multiple vehicles




Technical And Operational Assistance




Emergency Medical Evacuation




Repatriation of Remains




Emergency Travel & Medical Assistance Benefits




Unlimited Distance Towing




Roadside Services in Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands




Wanna Grab      Discount?

However, we didn’t want you to be bored by the enormous list of other services that they come with. In case you’re interested, please check out their website for a more in-depth illustration. Good Sam Roadside Assistance Platinum Plus is the most recommended plan for our side if you have got families and children. 

Good Sams Road Service: Customer Reviews and Support

Of course, this is a crucial part of roadside assistance, as customer support is the only gateway through which an endangered traveler can reach the Good Sam authority. So, how good are the customer reviews, experience, and overall support? What do people say about it? 

First thing first, it’s not just phone calls via which you can reach them, their customer care also works fine with the app that comes with the service. 

In terms of authenticity, Good Sam Enterprises LLC is a certified company under the Better Business Bureau in the US. The BBB rating of this company is A+, which shoes up an overall positive sign of their customer’s satisfaction with them. 

However, they are not an unmixed creature. So, they have a number of angry and disappointed customers as well. As per our investigation goes, these disappointments take place usually because of the delayed arrival of the service and repairmen. 

Another complaint is the time when customers think a certain service is covered under the Good Sam Roadside assistance service, but it is not actually. Hence, a misunderstanding takes place which ultimately leads the customers into danger.


  1. An excellent coverage for RV owners and their families. 
  2. A four-tier membership plan to choose from. 
  3. Unlimited distance towing. 
  4. Covers a wide range of vehicles. 
  5. Operational and technical assistance. 
  6. Emergency medical evacuation. 
  7. A handful of their roadside service. 
  8. Offers discounts and extra benefits very often. 
  9. Affordable for every traveler across the country.


  1. Distant locations might come with a delayed arrival. 
  2. Works for private vehicles only. 
  3. Requires membership(not a complaint though).

Things to Consider

Definitely, this service has got one of the best RV roadside assistance reviews among all. But, while deciding if you really need to go for one of their membership plans or not, consider these few factors- 

Is the Coverage Worth It?

By far, you might have got an idea of what are the coverages that this roadside assistance service comes with and what they don’t. Consider your necessary and past experience of a road trip, and then decide whether you need those or not. 

The Services

There are a handful of services and sub-services once broken down. You have to check all of them and find out if they have everything you might need in the read. Also, take your family and children’s consideration into account as well. 

Is There Any Discount?

Discounts are the key to a happy purchase, and that works for this as well. Often, they offer promotional discounts in off-seasons and for other causes. Once you stumble into one, don’t hesitate to take it right away. 


Although the geo-coverage of Good Sam Road assistance is quite wide, you need to re-check the area within that list that you are going to travel in.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q) Is AAA Better Than Good Sam?

They both share some similarities in terms of service standards and coverage. But considering the wide range of assistance and support Good Sam provides to its subscribers, we’d say it’s better than AAA and any other roadside assistance service. 

Q) What does Good Sam Roadside Assistance cover?

Good Sam Roadside Assistance covers all sorts of basic assistance, along with unlimited distance towing, roadside services, wide geographical coverage, family coverage, and so on. 

Q) Is Good Sam Club worth it?

To get the best out of Good Sam Road Assistance and other services, joining the Good Sam club is quite worth it. If you travel often, then it’s more of a necessity for you. It’s got one of the best RV roadside service reviews around as well. 

Q) What is the best roadside assistance for RV?

As per all of the roadside assistance services around are concerned, Good Sam Roadside Assistance is the best known service across the USA. 

Q) Is Good Sam Club part of Walmart?

Good Sam Club is the international organization of recreational vehicle owners, which is the largest in the world. It’s owned by Good Sam Enterprise, which has no deal with Walmart. 

Q) How do I get a Good Sam gas discount?

Good Sam offers quite some discounts for its members, but no gas discount is included in the list. You can enjoy the other discounts if you want. 

Q) Does Good Sam emergency roadside assistance apply in Canada and Mexico?

Yes, their wide geographical coverage includes Canada and Mexico.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve gone through the entire Good Sam roadside assistance reviews, the ball is in your court. We hope that we have covered everything that you might need to know before you can make your mind and get out on the next road trip of yours. Have a nice and safe trip!

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