RVshare Review – A True Camper’s Guide in 2022

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Rent it out or rent one- sharing RV is always the smarter idea than breaking the bank for buying one. And RVshare- the Ohio company offers a mammoth collection of RV rental or renting out offers. But as a camping enthusiast out there, what bothered me while I first got to take a service from the company? 

  1. Are they as legit as they sound? 
  2. Should you trust the company with all the investments of a summer trip? 
  3. How about the authenticity of the RVs that they get to rent out on behalf of the owners?

Having said so, I’m sure that these have been scratching your minds as well. Hence, we’ve crafted this entire RVshare review to break these things down. If you’ve got some minutes, let’s hop on the wagon and proceed.

RVshare Story

Back in 2012, Co-founder of RVshare Mark and his wife, Ratchel had this amazing idea to spend their honeymoon RVing across the country. They fell in love with the idea and wanted other people to experience this feeling of freedom. And so, they decided to rent their RV to other couples.

This is exactly when Mark realized that there were no other platforms using this idea. Thus began RV shares journey as the very first peer to peer RV rental company. The company quickly became one of the largest RV rental companies out there and still holds true to its title.

With the idea of keeping the spirit of outdoors alive, the company RVshare has created a hub for both RV owners and renters to meet. RV owners can rent their RVs through RVshare to get some extra cash. As for the renters, they can just log on to the website and choose their preferred RV from the thousands of RVs stored. 

The profiles of the owners however are a bit vague and customers need to contact directly to get proper information about the owners. However, contacting them is very easy and to put your mind at ease RVshare has one the most secure payment systems out there.

All Available RV Types

The company RV share has thousands of RVs to choose from. Users can easily filter the price range and type of RV to compare rvs and find exactly what they are looking for. The available types are:

  1. Class A (extra-large tour bus)
  2. Class B (Sleeper or camper )
  3. Class C
  4. Drivable
  5. Towable
  6. Travel trailers
  7. Fifth-wheel
  8. Trailer Campers
  9. Toy Haulers

How The Rental System Works

The process for both sharing an RV and renting an RV is extremely easy but there are a few requirements that will make you eligible to use this platform. Keep in mind the following:

  1. The user has to have a profile.
  2. The user must be 25 years old or above.
  3. The user has to have a valid driving license with 3 years of driving history along with a passing check from DMV

There are some red flags too such as the user can not:

  1. Have a suspended license.
  2. Have a recent Driving under the influence (DUI) notice.
  3. Have multiple or at least 2 speeding tickets for 20 mph in the span of 12 months.
  4. Have multiple or at least 2 negligent collisions in the span of 12 months.

How to Share Your RV Using RVshare​

Anyone can share their RV anytime they want to get some extra cash and it can be done in just 3 easy steps:

1. List the RV: After opening a profile a user can list his/her RV on the site by providing a description and adding photos. It is best to provide quality photos to attract renters.

2. Review Reservation: RV owners can reserve requests from the renters and directly contact them. This gives the owner complete control.

3. Meet and Greet: After meeting with the renters the owners can give them a demo to show how things work. The owners can then finally receive their payment.

How to Rent Your RV using RVshare

The RVshare RV rental process is very easy and anyone can do it in just 4 easy steps:

1. Find The Preferred RV: Anyone can easily find their preferred RV by using search filters to compare RVs on the website. You can filter by location, price features, and types

2. Arrange a Meeting: Customers can directly contact the owner or sometimes their requests are reserved by the owners. In that case, they have to wait to get the owner’s confirmation first. After meeting with the owner the customer is allowed to be shown a quick demo

3. Enjoy the Outdoor Experience: After paying the renter can fully enjoy a comfortable and amazing outdoor experience for a set period of time

4. Return With Care: After getting the full benefit of using an RV the customer then has to fill the gas and return it to the rightful owner.

Our Amazing Experience using RVshare


We took our sweet time browsing through many RV rental services and after finding a particular RVshare review we decided to look at their website. After much consideration and peer reviews, we decided to rent a Class C Winnebago View 24D.

It was pretty much exactly how it was described in the listing. Nice, clean, comfy, and ready to go. The owner Jamie was really helpful and gave us a thorough demo of how everything works. He even gave us his numbers so we can call for further queries. Finally, we signed the final agreement and went our way.

Perfect Size For Our Family 

A lot of people will say that class C RVs are cramped and all but my family of four would say otherwise. It didn’t feel cramped at all.

Yes, it is comparatively smaller than class A RVs but it is significantly more spacious than most class B RVs. Truth be told we just loved how cozy it looked from the outside and the inside. 

Easy to Travel Around With

The owner Jason was extremely helpful and gave me a complete tour of the whole thing and even let me take it out for a little spin. It was in great condition and was very easy to drive. Do you know how you have to plan and map out a lot when traveling in a class A RV just because of the size?

Well, we didn’t have any problem in that regard. It was pretty easy to drive around town to get all the necessary provisions we needed for our road trip. We also didn’t have to worry about fitting in any parking spots or about getting the RV pitches in national parks.

Amazing Campsite Experience

RVshare did us one solid favor here. They suggested some amazing camping ground sites which we obviously booked months before. While choosing the campsite we focused on the following-

  1. Proper access to electricity, sewage, and water
  2. Number of washrooms
  3. Nearby restaurants
  4. Availability of firewood and outdoor grill
  5. Nearby lakes or pools or beaches

Since it was a class C, it was really cost-efficient regarding the fuel. We really enjoyed our time in this motorhome and would love to take another family trip the next year. 

How SmartMatch Works?

Rvshare Smartmatch

Remember how we talked about how easy it was for renters to search for the right RV? Well, it’s the same for the owners! The RV owners can use SmartMatch to easily find potential renters and contact them right away.

How It Works:

SmartMatch is a lead generation tool that allows RV owners to look for potential renters around their area who previously looked or are looking for similar RVs that they have. This gives the owners a chance to directly contact the renter in advance and ask them if they want to make a deal. The SmartMatch is an amazing tool by RV share that makes everything easier for both RV owners and renters.

How Instant Booking Works? And How Do I Use It?

Another tool by RV share is the Instant Book. Just as the name suggests it allows renters to instantly book RVs. This also eases the troubles of RV owners since they don’t have to go through every reservation request and instead use Instant Book to send the particular renter a confirmation right away.

Using Instant Book also allows an RV to be listed higher on the search results. The renters can relax and rest assured knowing they can instantly book an RV and the owners can benefit from getting selected by more renters easily. The RV owners can easily add Instant Book to their listing. All they have to is the following:

  1. Log in to their RV share dashboard and click on “listing”
  2. Select an RV which they would like to use on Instant Book
  3. Click on “Edit Listing”
  4. Look down to find “Instant Book”
  5. Turn on the option and it will appear to be green

And done! It’s that simple and easy.

Is RVshare More Affordable Than Traditional RV Renting?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think about traveling in an RV? Well, for me it would be that it’s cheap. And it certainly is. But RV share takes this one step further and offers the most affordable price so more people can enjoy their services.

Most rental services would charge customers more than $200 per day but RV share offers their RVs from a price range of $150-$300. Anyone is bound to find their preferred RV at those rates.

On top of that owners sometimes even throw discounts to lower down the prices even more making RV share more affordable than a lot of other RV rental services.

The Peer to Peer System of RV share

The company is very organized when it comes to maintaining this hub of owners and renters. Aside from the fact that they are the first peer to peer RV rental company, they also became one of the fastest-growing RV rental companies and now are one of the biggest in the country. Their website RVshare.com has information on renters & owners of over 50 states.

Their peer to peer system is one of the reasons for their success. It is very convenient and easy and in order to list it in RVshare here is what you have to do:

  1. You have to log in and sign up using your name and email to make a user’s profile.
  2. Provide initial details that include selecting what type of RV you are going to be listing, the RV model, VIN number, and location.
  3. Make it Stand out from the competitors by adding special details about the RV
  4. Set The Price by taking a look at the “suggested price” if you have any confusion regarding what price to set. 
  5. If you want to put your preferred prices then calculate daily costs, generator charges, trip length, tax, and cancellation price.
  6. Adding photos of both the interior and the exterior is the fastest way to attract customers.

The system is also very convenient for renters. They can go into the website and use search filters to find their desired RV. A filter like the below mentioned are used:

  1. Price
  2. Vehicle age 
  3. Engine type
  4. Travel date

If you ever compare RVshare vs outdoorsy, you will clearly see that RV share has a much wider range of RVs. After comparing and finding the right RV renters can send a booking request which goes to the owner and the owner can decide right away whether to accept or decline.

Renters can also ask specific questions about fees, rules, and regulations, time extensions, and even whether they can take their pets with them. It’s important to clear out any confusion and query before sealing the deal. After finalizing everything the renter must come and pick up the RV where the owner will give them a quick demo and send them on their way.

Advantages for Listing Your RV on RVShare

Rv renting and sharing is a great idea. When sharing you don’t have to worry about extra maintenance costs and instead you get to make some extra cash and when it comes to renting. It is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel. 

RVshare has some unique features which is why there are some advantages for listing your RV on RV share. First of all you do not need to put any credit card information while filling the information and the best part is you don’t have to pay the company anything for listing.

What To Do After Listing Your RV?

After completing the listing you have to turn on the notifications. They will tell you about all the activities related to the listing. Your notifications will tell you whether anyone wants to buy the RV or want to contact you regarding your motor home. To turn on your notifications you simply have to go to the dashboard and on the “Accounts” option turn on “Notification”.

Here is what you should do after:

  1. Check for any notifications
  2. Frequently check for any messages on your dashboard
  3. Respond quickly to any requests from the renter
  4. Reservation requests expire after 24 hours. Try to respond to customers request with in a few hours
  5. Go to the dashboard and find the section named ”Payments”. Input the necessary deposit information there.

What To Do After Completing The Booking?​

After the booking is complete you have a few other responsibilities left. Here is what you should do:

  1. Contact the renter 7 days prior to the rental date to make sure whether everything is okay.
  2. Clear out personal belongings because the people that are renting the RV would want to feel like it’s theirs.
  3. Check whether everything is working properly. Hire a mechanic if needed but make sure that the customers have no room for complaints
  4. Meet the renters on the day of rental and give them a full walkthrough of how everything works
  5. Receive your payment the day after the first rental day

Is Listing RV on RV share profitable?

Probably one of the most common questions is, Can you really make money by listing an RV? And the second question is usually, Can you really make that much?

Yes, most people get stunned when they hear people can make from $10,000-$40,000 a year just by renting their RVs they can also avail of special offers as per RVshare commission. You don’t have to go for my words. Instead, why not take a look at the suggested prices owners can get by renting their RVs.

Rvshare Profit
RVshare Profit Estimation

The price ranges vary from different factors. One major factor is when the RV was bought. If it is older than 10 years then it would cost significantly less than a comparatively newer one.

RVshare insurance policies

This is one thing that needs full clarity. RV share offers better insurance coverage than most RV rental companies so both renters and owners can be at ease and be fully aware of what they have signed up for. These are the following things RV share provides coverage for:

  1. Tree falls on RV
  2. Animal Impact
  3. Windstorm
  4. Hailstorm
  5. Earthquake
  6. Flood 
  7. Fire
  8. Lightning
  9. Vandalism
  10. Back-up accidents
  11. Stolen RV

RV share is renowned for providing its coverage throughout 50 states and even Canada. The renter, owner, and even the RV itself is greatly benefited by Their insurance policy. The owner is automatically entitled to the insurance free of cost after listing and booking using RV share. The benefits include up to $1 million in liability cost and in case of collision and comprehensive cost, approximately $200,000 can be provided. As for the renters, there are two types of RV based on insurance. These are, Towable RV & Drivable RV.

And based on the quality of insurance there are 3 types of policies such as Standard, Enhanced & Premium.

To give you a better idea we have provided a comparison table for both Drivable and Towable RVs which is similar to the RVshare insurance reviews on their website

RVshare Cancellations policies

A Lot of things can go wrong at the last moment which is why it is really important to have a good cancellation policy and this is important for both parties. Keeping this in mind RV share offers 3 cancellation policies for the renters and these are:

1. Flexible- This allows renters to receive 50% refund money except for the service fee by RV share that was collected up until day 30 prior to rental.

2. Standard-  This allows renters to receive 50% refund money except for the service fee by RV share that was collected up until the day 30 to 14 prior to rental. There will be no refund if it is canceled within 14 days.

3. Strict-  This allows renters to receive full refund money except for the service fee by RV share that was collected up until day 30 prior to rental. There will be no refund if it is canceled within 30 days.

As for owners they also have to follow some regulations. Such as:

1. If the reservation is canceled by the owner then the renter will receive a full refund. 

2. If the renter reserves a booking 7 days before the starting date and decides to cancel it within 24 hours of the initial booking then the renter will receive a full refund.

3. And if the renter reserves a booking less than 7 days before the starting date and decides to cancel it within 1 hour of the initial booking then the renter will receive a full refund.

RVshare Free Roadside Assistance

RV shares partners with Nation Safe Drivers which is an organization that provides 24/7 road assistance. After confirming everything the renters will receive an email a few days before the start date. The RV reservation ID and the membership ID will both be the same. This roadside assistance includes:

  1. Various Discounts (Automotive, travel, and theme parks)
  2. Towing Service
  3. Battery Service
  4. Tire Service
  5. Lockout Service
  6. Supply delivery
  7. Winching
  8. Extraction

RVshare Customer Service

RV share offers 24/7 customer service which is very reliable for all sorts of queries. Their customer service can be reached using 3 ways:

1. Their website has an integrated chatbot that can be found on the right bottom side of the screen. People can use it to state any queries.

2. They can be reached through their number 1-888-482-0234 that stays open 24/7 and is received by experienced agents.

3. People can send them an email. It’s best to use the 2 above methods.

Pros & Cons of RV share

We are almost at the end of our RVshare review and we have covered everything there is to know about the company RV share. But are there any flaws in this company? Well, of course, there are. Nothing is absolutely perfect. So, to sum things up we are going to show you the pros and cons we have listed up-


  1. Amazing insurance coverage of up to a $100k
  2. Gives buyers an opportunity to feel how the motor home lifestyle is
  3. Provides a 5% discount for future trips
  4. The payment system of RV share is extremely safe and secure and even provides a $10000 guarantee
  5. No charges for listing RVs on the website
  6. Secured payment system
  7. 24/7 Roadside Assistance Service
  8. Helpful cancellation policies
  9. Thousands of RVs to choose from
  10. Easy search filters to find desired RVs
  11. Most affordable prices
  12. Smart match helps to easily locate and contact potential renters 


  1. Depending on the location renters will not get to choose from the full wide range of RVs
  2. Sometimes it takes a while to get a confirmation from the owner after a booking
  3. Some renters may treat the RV harshly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q) How do I contact the owner and book my rig?

You can use any of the “Contact Owner”, “Request Quote” or “Request to Book ” button to contact the owner.

Q) How is my ID verified?

The ID is verified by checking photos of the passport or driver’s license.

Q) What is the RVshare service fee, and why do I have to pay for it?

This is a charge which is used to pay various company bills and also enables the safety and security of the renter for the whole rental period.

Q) When will payment be exacted?

If the booking is done greater than 30 days prior to the start date then it can be paid in 2 times but if the booking is done in less than 30 days then full payment has to be ensured upon booking.

Q) Can I cancel my RVshare rental?

Yes, you can and you will be refunded by the cancellation policies

Q) What if an owner requests I submit payment outside of the RVshare platform?

Do not agree to any such requests. Instead, contact the customer service and let them know about it

Q) How can I update my payment information?

You have to log in to your RV share account and click on “Account”. After that look for “Payment Method” and update payment information there.

Q) What is the Worry-Free Rental Guarantee?

This is a policy that safeguards the rights of both renters and owners and provides certain benefits.

Q) Is RVshare legit?

The entire organization is 100% legit and even partners with Nation Safe Drivers.

Final Verdict

We do hope our RVshare review will help you understand why RV share is one of the best rv rental companies. The company is still growing to this day. Their vibrant community of renters and owners have helped both sides.

Owners can make a handsome profit whereas the renters can truly enjoy the motorhome experience. What once started with a small idea has now become one of the if not the largest RV rental community.

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